Feel Inspired and Confident with Your Style

I know your struggle...

I get it. You love getting new clothes. You may like the idea of shopping for new clothes, but you regularly come back from the mall with bags full of random items and realize you still don't have any complete outfits.

You find while shopping that it sometimes it takes so long to find the right thing that you become impatient and end up picking out things that you will NEVER actually wear but you convince yourself that you will.

You want to stop wearing the same thing over and over and over again just because you don’t like what you have to choose from in your closet.

You have so many clothes in your closet, but you still don't know what to wear.

Does this sound familiar?

Well – thanks to the Wardrobe Warrior that’s about to change...

sandra knows your pain

What I do

The Wardrobe Warrior helps women design and accessorize outfits from their own closet to find pieces they LOVE and INSPIRE them to feel confident with their wardrobe.   As a client, you receive a Home Consultation  to organize and systemize your closet using my Signature Wardrobe Warrior System - to build a functional wardrobe within your budget  . We shop your closet first to determine your hidden gems, statement pieces, and essential outfits to create the look you need and LOVE!


Closet Cleanse

A Closet Cleanse will make you FEEL better, LOOK better and LIVE better in your closet. During your Home Consultation we will organize your existing closet to determine your essentials, statement pieces and gorgeous looks! 

What to Expect:

  • Style Assessment
  • In-Home Closet Evaluation
  • Full Implementation of the "Wardrobe Warrior System" including removal and donation of unwanted items
  • Feedback and Recommendation re: storage, space maximizing, display options, seasonal wear
  • BONUS – Digital Style Portfolio of outfits we create (5 outfits)
  • BONUS – 10% off personal shopping experience

closet cleanse
closet close up

Closet Close Up

Book your Closet Close Up and come away with 5-10 new outfit combinations that come from clothes you already have!  I will help you win the closet battle and get inspired to “Shop your Closet”.  This is a fun way to get energized, uncover hidden gems in your closet and learn what to wear so you feel confident with your current closet items.  

We will discuss what’s on trend for the season so you know the essential pieces you may need to add to your wardrobe. 

What to Expect:

  • In-Home Consultation to pull clothes from your closet
  • Create 5 – 10 essential outfits
  • Accessorizing each outfit in various ways to create different looks.
  • Take photos of your new style outfit combinations to create a Digital Style Portfolio
  • BONUS - Recommendations on what to add to your wardrobe and where to shop
  • BONUS – 10% off personal shopping experience

Wardrobe Warrior Shopping Experience

If you hate shopping, don’t know where to go or what to buy and feel that everything doesn’t look quite right when you put it on, then let’s fight your wardrobe battle together.

  • Let’s conquer the frustrations, fears and uncertainties with a Wardrobe Warrior Shopping Experience.  We make it fun, stress-free and time-saving!! 
  • The Wardrobe Warrior customizes your shopping experience based on your lifestyle needs. This service is the perfect way for Closet Cleanse and Closet Close Up  customers to complete their wardrobe needs for the season.
Get you wardrobe warrior shopping experience
Choose from one of our Shopping Experiences:


  • 1 location (2hrs)
  • (Winners, Marshalls, Simons… to find a few ‘look for less’ items)
  • Book me now


  • Packing assistance for travel  needs or weekends getaways
  • Special event shopping for holiday wear, interviews, photos, galas, or weddings
  • Gift recommendations


Our Signature “Wardrobe Warrior System”

Our 3- part system is designed to make you feel inspired when you open up your closet and empowered & confident when it’s time to get dressed.  

1. Keepers: Love to wear, need to have and maybe should keep

2. Takers: Take away, no longer fits, flatters or feels good*

3. Money Makers: Recommend consignment options

* This service includes taking the clothes away for donation      

your wardrobe warrior is sandra

WIN the battle and CONQUER your CLOSET

We all fight the closet battles and are often SHOUTING into our closets saying…

I have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear!
I bought this on sale and don’t know what to wear it with!
I still have tags on the clothes in my closet!
Nothing in my closet fits me!
I hate shopping

The Wardrobe Warrior will help you WIN the battle and Conquer your Closet. After your Home Consultation you will:

wardrobe hanger Feel confident

wardrobe hanger Dress effortlessly

wardrobe hanger Save time

wardrobe hanger Save money

wardrobe hanger Feel inspired and confident with your style

wardrobe hanger Feel more organized and energized

This is what they said:

I can't thank Sandra enough and would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help figuring out what to wear... whether it be putting outfits together from your own closet or choosing an outfit for a special occasion... she is my go-to gal! I have always enjoyed looking fashionable but do not love or have the time to shop. I am also not great at putting outfits together from my own closet. Sandra came in and literally helped me shop from my own closet, putting outfits together for two very different trips (one hot destination and one cold) and making sure I will look stylish and have everything I need on my vacations. She also helped me last year to find dresses and shoes for a gala and a confirmation and I had so many compliments on both outfits. Thanks Sandra for helping me to look "put together".

Carey Kirchmair

Labour Day weekend 2017 my Son (only child) was getting married! I was going to be the Mother of the Groom! What will I wear??? This is so different then being a wedding guest!

Sandra scouted out stores and dresses ahead of time!

On the first shopping day and the first store we entered Sandra was so efficient and helpful that after trying on 12 dresses I found the perfect one! We proceeded to a shoe store to find matching shoes all in the same day! Shortly thereafter, I had all the accessories too!

As a business owner myself, and in the midst of my busy season, I needed to find the perfect dress and Sandra made the whole experience stress free and fun!

Elayne Hulshuf

About Sandra, your Wardrobe Warrior

Hi I’m Sandra and I would love to be your Wardrobe Warrior!

about sandra
  • For as long as I can remember I have been the wardrobe and style ‘go-to’ person for my friends and family. During my time as a Fashion Stylist in a Toronto Designer Showroom, I saw first-hand the frustration and sometimes overwhelming feelings that women can face when it comes to choosing outfits that fit, flatter and fill them with confidence. Cue the Wardrobe Warrior!
  • I can help you build a functional wardrobe from your existing clothes AND at the same time get your closet clutter under control while teaching you how to avoid a mess in the future.

    Imagine opening your closet doors and feeling inspired, empowered and motivated every day!

    PLUS we can discuss ways to help you STAY organized, how to hang and arrange your clothes, seasonal wear options, what’s on trend and what you need to add to your wardrobe to find YOUR BEST LOOK.

    Let me help you CONQUER YOUR CLOSET!
sandra signature

Get a Gift Card!

Do you know someone who might need a wardrobe boost?  Perhaps a friend just had a baby, or a family member is heading back to work?  A Wardrobe Warrior Gift Card is the perfect gift to help someone feel confident, empowered and recharged while finding some fabulous fashion finds at the same time.  A Wardrobe Warrior Gift Card will help them look good, feel better and create their authentic self!

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